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03-28-2020 Update

Hello Everyone!  Our last bi-monthly email was so well received, that we decided to invest a little more time and effort to make the emails even better.  Our reach is now into the thousands and growing faster than ever.  

Blog Updates

We've been posting regular blog updates, so be sure to visit our blog page.  The post comparing the Wegmans distribution center to buying a used car has been pretty popular and part 2 just went up.

"The Little Deception"

A little while ago, we posted "The Great Deception".  Now there is a follow up post that has been titled "The Little Deception".  It is worth your time to read both, keeping in mind, these are the people the Board of Supervisors has been relying on for information about this project.

Board of Supervisors will vote on REZONING (through proffer removals) 

The meeting time has been set for Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 7 PM.  It is important that citizens attend and write to their County Supervisors (contact info here). You can also use facebook to setup a reminder using this link . 


A new County Administrator has been named

It is hard to imagine that the parting gift of a public servant would be such a monstrous failure as the Wegmans distribution center, but Rhu Harris is in fact retiring.  Lets hope that when John Budesky takes the helm, he can right the ship.  Here is an announcement of his appointment.

Take a poll about the Wegmans building design

Wegmans is proposing that their building plan will use a style explicitly prohibited in the 1995 zoning.  Let people know which style you think would protect neighboring home values best?

We've added an entire page to compile relevant news articles


No Wegmans Signs

The "No Wegmans" signs around the community have been very popular.  The first order sold out, but new signs are available now.  If you are interested in buying one, email and we will provide you with contact info.  Each regular sized sign is only $5.

Odds and Ends

Here is a post comparing the Wegmans DC to the SuperValue DC.  It is clear that the SuperValue DC is a far superior design and was much more considerate of neighboring communities.  Make sure you turn on your sound and watch the video in the comments.  Note that SuperValue actually has better buffers than Wegmans wants to install. 



Here is some research comparing another Wegmans DC to the one proposed for Hanover.

And a follow up post with more documents

And a summary of some of the Rochester Zoning Proffers



Some discussion of the noise impacts

It appears that Wegmans is trying to rebrand their Distribution Center as a "Service Center".  Instead of changing their plans to comply with the zoning, they are playing around with the wording instead.  There are no substantial efforts being made to protect residents.  You can read the document here


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