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Documents has established a goal of being THE source for organized information about the proposed Wegmans distribution center.  For now, we have the documents separated into three sections.


Reports are mostly documents created by concerned citizens.  They do their best to present fact based positions on various topics.  They are often technical in nature, but are written in a way that ordinary citizens can understand.  Many of the authors have relevant career experience in areas like, but not limited to; Law, Public Works, Logistics, Politics, Trucking, Accounting/Finance, Construction, and so much more.


F.O.I.A. refers to the "Freedom of Information Act".  A F.O.I.A. filing was made to unearth the communications that Hanover County employees had about this project.  The filing has turned up quite a bit of information that shows all sorts of concerning activity.  Most of the documents in the F.O.I.A. section have some accompanying explanation to go with it.


News has links to various media reports.  It can be official coverage of major events, letters to the editors, or even coverage of some of Wegmans hypocritical behavior in other parts of the country.  

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