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F.A.Q.: Issues
  • Why was this page started?
    To ensure that the citizens of Hanover County have a voice. Hanover County has engaged in practices to keep residents in the dark about important issues that affect them. Our government officials are supposed to work on behalf of the people. If the county continues to try and keep people in the dark, it raises the question, "Are tehy really working for us if they need to be so secretive and manipulative?"
  • Why are people upset if they chose to live next to property zoned as industrial?
    Don't believe the Hanover and Wegmans talking points. Businesses and elected officials have a vested interest in maintaining a positive public image. It is up to us to think critically about what they are telling us and sort through that information to reach the WHOLE truth. Zoning is possibly the most important issue facing residents, but few people have taken the time to understand it. Land zoning is complicated, but in short, the property was not simply zoned industrial. Way back in 1995, a request was made to change the property zoning to industrial, but there were already neighborhoods right there that had reservations. Being reasonable people, a compromise was reached. The resident allowed the zoning to occur, but with very specific conditions. These conditions, called "proffers", are legally binding amendments to the light industrial zoning that was granted. These proffers were added for the sole purpose of protecting residents from a project like this. The expecation was that businesses like locksmiths, cabinet shops, contractors, signmakers, etc would fill that space. The statement that "Residents bought next to an industrial area.", that is simply not true. They bought property that has special legal protections. Those protections are not being respected by the county or Wegmans.
  • Wegmans says they can build there now, without any changes. Is this true?"
    They sure can, but they CAN'T build what they are proposing. Some people believe that Wegmans never planned to build a project in accordance with the proposed zoning. They always cared more about getting cheap land, and forcing residents to give up their legal protections.
  • I don't live next to this project, why should I care?"
    This is about more than one project. Hanover County has been irresponsible about the planning and growth within the county for a long time now. As the City of Richmond and surrounding areas continue to grow, it is more important than ever that care is taken to protect the people that already live here, while giving the opportunity to others to experience all the amazing things Hanover County has to offer. ​ Because of the scale of this project, it has been the first to affect a large number of people at once. The residents have since learned that many of the deceptive practices being used in this project have been, and will continue to be, used on residents in other parts of the county. We are hoping that rather than turn a blind eye, citizens will rally together to say enough is enough and demand that officials start working for the residents of the county, not for company's located 1,000 miles away.
  • How can I help?
    There is such a need for assistance right now, there is certain to be something you can do. First things first, take the time to get connected and stay informed going forward. Start by signing up for our emails using the "subscribe form" at the bottom of this page. Use an email address that you check regularly. We won't send many emails, but when we do, it will be important. Another thing you can do is get connected to our facebook community. Like our Page AND join our Group. Once you are connected, help us spread the word. Share this website with friends. We need to get the word out. The time when people only hear one side of the story is over. Using the communication methods above, we will have numerous calls to action. We need help contacting the media, writing and calling county representatives, we need people to attend meetings, we will need volunteers to collect signatures, just to name a few! There are numerous things that we will need help with and if you are signed up, we will let you know when it is time to act in a coordinated fashion.
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