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How to Help

This is a big undertaking and we would love your help.  Hanover County has spent thousands of man hours and millions of dollars trying to make this bad project happen. 


We have a leadership team that is working on lots of things behind the scenes.  If you want to get involved with that, send an email to and let us know what you can contribute. 


If you are not able to make such a large commitment, there are other important ways you can help on your own schedule.  Please see a few of them below.

Send a Donation

We will use contributions for legal fees, professional services, and media efforts.  


Sign the Petition

Someone set up a petition.  Take a minute to sign it and they can present it for you with any comments you have.  

Write About the Project Impacts

We created a summary page to provide an understanding of the issue.  If we can send some quality emails to the appropriate groups, we can get a public review of this project.  It would take a while to complete, but it would allow us to ensure that the protections the County is overlooking, might be considered by higher authorities.

Write to Your Representatives
In America, every person has a voice.  It is our right AND our responsibility to communicate with our elected officials and hold them accountable for their actions.  We have contact information for county representatives, state representative, and even Wegmans officials.  Tell them what you think about their actions.  

Write to Wegmans

Wegmans claims to care.  Send them a letter and show that you care too.  Tell them that you will tell everyone about what they do and that you won't support a business that hurts local communities like they are about to.

Write to the Media
Exercise your First Amendment Rights!  Send a letter to the press and tell tell the editors what you are experiencing.  Correct any bad information you see being reported.  Refute any untruths or manipulation that you see the County or Wegmans participating in.  

Post a Sign

Show solidarity, spread the word, be the envy of your neighbors.  Pick up a yard sign (or several) and post it for the world to see!

Finally, "Thank You" to all the people that are trying so hard to help protect this community.  It is obvious to many of us that Wegmans doesn't care about our county.  We are just a convenient location that threw a lot of money at them.  The people that live here and are trying to preserve our towns, are what make Hanover County a special place.  Thank you for the work you have done and the work we know you will continue to do.

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