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Hanover County officials have decided to hold a public hearing about land rezoning on April 22, 2020 (the expected peak of the pandemic in Virginia).  It appears that they are using the COVID-19 crisis as a tool to block citizens rights, to speak at a public hearing.  Regardless of your position on the rezoning issue, our hard working medical community and the Virginia State Government have indicated that all non-emergency government business should be deferred to allow citizens to practice social distancing and flatten the COVID-19 curve

Nurse And Patient

Please take one minute to help (that's all it will take).  Simply copy the email below and send it to the addresses shown.  Elected Officials in Hanover need to be reminded that we have healthcare workers that are working extremely hard (and risking their own health).  They shouldn't be put at additional risk, because citizens in the County are being forced to decide between standing up for their community and following medical guidance.  On February 6, an estimated crowd of 800 people attended an informational hearing despite dangerous weather. 

If the County holds another gathering this large, it could have disastrous effects on the healthcare system in Hanover County.  Thank you for taking the time to help protect the heroes that are serving us!  If you know other people that would help, please share this link with them by email or social media!

Email Template


Hanover County Officials,

I am respectfully writing to ask that you deffer the planned public hearing scheduled for April 22, 2020.  It would be irresponsible to hold such a public hearing that would endanger the health of so many Virginians, and hamper the heroic efforts being made by workers in the healthcare industry. 


In a time when these professionals are forced to create their own makeshift face-masks, there is no reason to risk spreading such a serious disease, just to hold a meeting about property rezoning.  I have already noted the questionable decision by Aubrey Stanley, Sean Davis, Michael Herzberg, and Canova Peterson; who voted to hold this public hearing.  I ask that you reconsider now that your own constituents are alerting you of your error.


Thank You,

A Concerned Citizen 

Hospital Staff

"Thank You"

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