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Reports mostly consist of documents created by concerned citizens.  They do their best to present fact based positions on various topics.  They are often technical in nature, but are written in a way that ordinary citizens can understand.  Many of the authors have relevant career experience in areas like, but not limited to; Law, Public Works, Logistics, Politics, Trucking, Accounting/Finance, Construction, and so much more.

Note: Many of the position papers have been provided to the Board of Supervisors in Hanover County to ensure they have the tools necessary to make informed decisions.  So far, it is believed that minimal consideration has been given to the recommendations in these reports.

Zoning (Proffer) Summary Changes

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proffer change image.png

Traffic Position Paper

Noise Position Paper

Diesel Fumes Position Paper

Cultural & Historical Resources Position Paper

Cultural Resources Survey Review

Buffers & Berms Position Paper

Property Values Paper


Legal Letter on Public Hearings During a Pandemic

Fundamental Reasons to Deny the Application

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