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03-14-2020 Week in Review

At , we know that it can be hard to keep up with everything.  This week was a busy one, so we put together a list with some highlights for you.  If you find this useful, let us know at and maybe we will continue this feature.

Blog Updates

We've been posting regular blog updates.  Make sure to visit out blog page.  Our most popular blog post to date, was just posted this week.

Combined Proffer File

Rod Morgan was asked when the county began negotiating away our proffer protections. In response, he created this summary.  The first page was an index he created to guide you through the rest of the document.  He suggested printing it out and using that first page as a reference as you read through it.



When did Hanover learn of this project?

Maybe you've heard the county only learned about this project in December, right before the public announcement.  Well this document sets the record straight.  County employees were sending emails about this project back in February of 2019.

Sign Theft

You may have seen some of the attractive "No Wegmans" signs around the community.  If you are interested in buying one, email and we will provide you with contact info.  Each regular sized sign is only $5.


Unfortunately, some people have had these signs stolen from their property over night.  While some of the suspects have been caught and several signs have been returned, there are still some signs missing.  If you have information about this, please contact the Hanover Sheriff using the non-emergency line: (804) 365-6140 .

What happens when trucks try to use neighborhood roads?

Here is a video showing a truck driving on Ashcake Road and then on Sliding Hill.  It is distrurbing to think of how many more trucks they want to add. Facebook is not required to view the video.


Is Wegmans being hypocritical?

Residents are expecting Wegmans to have an immense negative impact on the surrounding community, but when a competitor wants to build near one of their stores, they seem to be very concerned about community impacts. Here are links to two news articles. (Watch the video!)

Balloon Tests

Two members of the Board of Supervisors (Faye and Angela) went to the proposed site to do some simple noise and sight tests.  They reported back that these test showed just how inadequate the proposed plan was at addressing neighborhood concerns.  You can see some photos of the balloon test they did here.  You don't need facebook to look.

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