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Protect Hanover

We are making a difference!

Concerned Citizens Have:   


  • Appealed Hanover County Circuit Court’s decision to not allow the lawsuit against Wegmans, Hanover County Board of Supervisors and Air Park Associates to move to trial. 

  • Along with the Hanover NAACP,  appealed the VA State Water Control Board’s February 26, 2021 decision to issue a permit. The lawsuit is pending.                

  • Spoke at the July 2021 meeting of the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board regarding the need for permits for the massive emergency generators which the county and Wegmans failed to disclose to regulators.

  • Spoken out at Hanover County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings and Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) public hearings

  • Written to county, state and federal elected officials
    Click here for contact info to write your own letter.

  • Shared concerns with the media, which has covered the issue extensively
    Click here to read the coverage. 

  • Educated numerous associations and coalitions which now share the community’s concerns regarding impacts on both the environment and the historic Brown Grove community. Many of the groups, including the Southern Environmental Law Center, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and NAACP, have submitted their concerns to DEQ.
    Click here to read the SELC letter.

  • Provided feedback in public comment periods to the DEQ and US Army Corps of Engineers
    Protect Hanover sample letter to DEQ/ACE.

  • Supported and elevated the voices of at-risk historic Brown Grove, a predominantly Black community founded 150 years ago, which has suffered decades of environmental injustice
    Read the letter from a State Delegate calling on DEQ to follow the law.

  • Appeared before Hanover County Circuit Court to argue against Wegmans, Hanover County Board of Supervisors and the property owners, and Air Park Associates. While the law suit was dismissed, the court allowed options to amend the lawsuit, and it has been refiled.
    Read about the status of the lawsuit here.

  • Coordinated the overwhelming response during the Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) first and second public comment periods and June hearing regarding the wetlands permit. As a result, DEQ requested additional actions and supporting materials from Wegmans and held a third comment period and second public hearing in November.
    Link to Protect Hanover’s November letter to DEQ.

  • Influenced the US Army Corp of Engineers which, following suit with DEQ, requested more extensive information from Wegmans and has since found approximately 250% more wetlands on the property.

  • Revealed in great detail at the November DEQ public hearing Wegmans’ submission errors and DEQ’s lack of oversight in the wetlands permitting process. As a result, DEQ requested Wegmans revise its application to correct these multi-million dollar errors which overinflated their costs in the LEDPA (Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative) analysis.
    See the comparison InfoGraphic.

  • Successfully pushed the Virginia State Water Control Board review of this permit from September 2020 until their tentatively scheduled January 2021 Board meeting.

  • Uncovered "Wegmans $20 million lie"


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