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William & Mary: Dissertations, Theses, and Masters Projects 8/1/2007

Roses in December: Black life in Hanover County, Virginia during the era of disfranchisement


Richmond Times-Dispatch 4/15/2008

Fighting for survival d16fb93b-446d-5bf7-97ad-af2e888c3320.html


Richmond BizSense 12/9/2019

Updated: Hanover lands $175M Wegmans distribution facility, regional HQ


Richmond Times-Dispatch 1/24/2020

Williams: Hanover County values its Confederate heritage. It It needs to protect the historic black community of Brown Grove from Wegmans encroachment. 7b681e20ddce.html


Richmond Times-Dispatch 1/29/2020

Hanover Needs to Protect Brown Grove ch/20200129/282192242962819


Richmond Times-Dispatch 2/6/2020

Plan for Wegmans distribution center in Hanover faces more pushback as hundreds attend meeting d66555902e33.html


WWBT Ch 12 News 2/7/2020

Hanover residents concerned over new Wegmans distribution center 2/20/2020


Richmond Times-Dispatch

Hanover Planning Commission endorses zoning changes for Wegmans project despite opposition


Richmond Times-Dispatch 4/2/2020

Push to postpone vote on Hanover County Wegmans project fails


Richmond Times-Dispatch 4/3/2020

Williams: Government's No. 1 priority today is public safety. A decision on a Wegmans warehouse in Hanover can wait. 22e7787d9a4d.html


Richmond Times-Dispatch 4/8/2020

Hanover supervisors delay Wegmans vote again, but residents say May 6 is still too soon article_d0248f3b-e83a-561e-be94-040e6f9420b0.html


Ch 6 News 5/7/2020

Hanover County Board approves Wegmans Distribution Center by 4-3 vote


Richmond Times-Dispatch 5/7/2020

Hanover supervisors clear path for Wegmans project after contentious public hearing. Residents plan to appeal. 7820e5205234.html


Richmond Times-Dispatch 6/23/2020

Residents: Plans for Wegmans are not a done deal article_9548428c-b575-11ea-ae69-d736496b9c8f.html


Chesapeake Bay Journal 7/14/2020

Wegmans proposal stirs up land use controversy in VA wegmans-proposal-stirs-up-land-use-controversy-in-va/article_ bb25299e-c217-11ea-bd5c-db7e3322e7b5.html


Richmond Times-Dispatch 7/18/2020

At stake in dispute over Wegmans center in Hanover is future of historic Black community, residents say 498e6dd714ea.html


Washington Post 7/26/2020

Virginia residents worry for Black community’s future 11ea-826b-cc394d824e35_story.html 7/28/2020


Mechanicsville Local

Opposition voices prevalent at DEQ hearing opposition-voices-prevalent-at-deq-hearing/article_a0a66648- d0f7-11ea-8c79-ff19f85e1fbf.html

News articles about the proposed distribution center in Hanover County

April 15, 2020

Board Postpones Wegmans hearing

April 3, 2020
Williams: Government's No. 1 priority today is public safety. A decision on a Wegmans warehouse in Hanover can wait.
April 2 2020
Push to postpone vote on Hanover County Wegmans project fails
March 24, 2020

Postponed public hearings isn’t halting anti-Wegmans’ effort

March 24, 2020

Health concerns postpone Wegmans’ public hearing

March 19, 2020

Hanover to delay vote on Wegmans distribution center project due to COVID-19 related cancellations

February 26, 2020

Planners recommend approval of Wegmans’ distribution center

February 12, 2020

Wegmans’ plan to build distribution center attracts hundreds to meeting

Opinion Pieces and Letters to the Editor -  April 15, 2020:

     Rezoning vote is not an emergency, budget is critical

     Board should move slow and steady on Wegmans’ matter

     Supervisor: Work continues on applications (Editors Note - This is from a Board Member and thanks is given for identifying themselves instead of using ghost writers to hide their identity)

The Mechanicsville Local - Week of 4/8/2020

     Wegmans’ deal draws ire, election threat -  April 8, 2020:

     Hanover supervisors delay Wegmans vote again, but residents say May 6 is still too soon

The Mechanicsville Local - Week of 3/25/2020

     Historic nature needs saved despite growth

     Growth isn’t issue as much as challenges

The Mechanicsville Local - Week of 3/18/2020

     Resident compares Wegmans proposal to Riverstone plan -  March 11, 2020: 

     County ignores concerns over Wegmans center

The Mechanicsville Local - Week of 3/11/2020

     World crept in to resident’s ideal serene life

     I-95 gridlock hasn’t been part of talks - March 9, 2020:

     Rush to build Wegmans hub angers county residents

The Mechanicsville Local - Week of March 4, 2020 

     Resident urges deferment on Wegmans’ plan

     Homeowner shares letter to supervisors

     Atlee area’s development upsets resident

     Reviewing various impacts on the county

Other related stories about Wegmans or Hanover County

Mar 12, 2020

In the article, Wegmans was quoted as saying "Wegmans is one of several hundred residents and businesses whose legitimate concerns about the Daniele Family Companies’ Monroe Avenue project were largely ignored."

Wegmans secretly funded anti-Whole Foods development groups

Mar 12, 2020

The article says "After initially saying Wegmans was not behind a plan to fight a Whole Foods Plaza, the group Brighton Grassroots now admits Wegmans financially backed their efforts."

Whole Foods Plaza opposition admits Wegmans financially backed them

Dec 11, 2019

More zoning changes being forced on residents with little regard for their welfare

Industrial park plan approval worries neighbors in Hanover

Nov 25, 2016

More instances of Wegmans trying to put developments where they don't fit.

Wegmans pulls its application for rezoning in light of an expected rejection by the Newport News City Council

Nov 22, 2016

"Twenty-three companies that received public money for projects during a 10-year period failed to meet state grant requirements, according to an audit."

Report: Inside the Failings at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership


Apr 27, 2016

Once again, Wegmans comes to an area and then expects the community to pay for it, all while ricking the viability of the existing businesses that have been paying their taxes.

Wegmans official: This is the only Newport News site we are interested in

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