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Fleet of Trucks

No Through Truck Restrictions (NTT)

VDOT Public Hearing on Through Truck Restrictions

Make your voices heard!


VDOT has preliminarily recommended for approval two of the four Through Truck Restriction requests submitted by Hanover County. The County submitted these requests due the additional 600 to 800 heavy trucks that would travel daily to and from the proposed 1.7 million sq. ft. Wegmans Distribution Center along Sliding Hill and Ashcake Roads. If approved for any of these roadways, the restrictions will apply to any truck or truck and trailer, except a pickup or panel truck, that has no origin or destination along that roadway.  


VDOT Recommendations

  • Ashcake Road, from Sliding Hill Road to Lewistown Rd. – Recommended for Approval (no through trucks allowed)

  • Atlee Station Road/Atlee Road –  Recommended for Approval (no through trucks allowed)

  • New Ashcake Road – Not recommended for Approval (through trucks allowed)

  • Peaks Road – Not recommended for Approval (through trucks allowed)


A public hearing will be held by VDOT on:


Thursday December 2 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Hanover County Administration Building, Board Room
7516 County Complex Road
Hanover, VA 23069

 There will be two sessions:





* Two (2) minutes will be allotted for each citizen comment. There will be a sign up sheet at the door only. Citizens can only speak once and at only one session.


Strong turnout at this hearing is critical! The public is encouraged to provide comments in support of changing the recommendations for Peaks and New Ashcake Roads to “Recommended for Approval” and to reiterate the need for restrictions on Ashcake and Atlee Station Roads. Both oral and written comments will be reviewed thought the VDOT chain of command, with the ultimate decision made by the commissioner. Talking points to help you draft your comments are below.




Written comments may also be submitted no later than December 16, 2021 to:


Phillip Frazer

Ashland Assistant Resident Engineer

Virginia Department of Transportation

523 N. Washington Highway

Ashland, VA 23005

Email your comments to . You must reference “Through Truck Restrictions in Hanover” in the subject line. Comment sheets will be made available at the meeting and online but are not required.

More Information::

The project timeline and links to VDOT studies can be found at: Proposed-Update-Sliding-Hill-Road-Area-Roads (

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