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04-17-2020 Update

Hello Everyone!  We have another update and hope you find this summary helpful.  

We are collecting donations


We've set up a page to help your neighbors that have been carrying the financial burden of this fight alone.  Everyone is in a different place right now due to the pandemic that has impacted everyone in different ways.  Some people in the healthcare industry are working as hard as ever.  Some people in the food and entertainment industry aren't able to work at all.  Many of our neighbors are stuck somewhere in between.  

If you are still working, please consider a generous donation to this effort.  Almost all the money will be spent locally and will help neighbors working in industries that aren't getting media attention, but who are also struggling.  


If you can't donate, you can still help!

If your current circumstances don't permit you to donate right now, we certainly understand, but there is still a very important task we need help with!  It will only take a little time and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.  We need to reach a quota for letters written the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the Army Corp of Engineers.  If this sounds intimidating, don't worry.  That wonderful team of volunteers that we told you about has provided you with a simple guide.  Just go here and follow the instructions.  The number of letters we send makes a HUGE difference.

Learn About the Letter Writing Campaign

The Board of Supervisors is STILL Ignoring safety

Some organizations have called on the Board to postpone public hearings (here is one example and here is another)

Meetings have been shuffled around, but they are still taking place and you can watch them online here.  Apologies to those of you without high speed internet connections.  Citizens have been repeatedly pointing out that the Board is NOT giving people in more remote areas an equal opportunity to participate in their government.

Did you know the County didn't get a guarantee for job creation? 

The main argument in favor of this project has been that it will bring jobs to the County.  Did you know, the County did such a bad job of negotiating this deal, that they didn't even include a stipulation for Wegmans to hire Hanover Residents in the performance agreement?  Wegmans will get their tax incentives regardless of whether they hire anyone from our own county.  You can read it for yourself here.

We continue to update our news page


No Wegmans Signs

The "No Wegmans" signs around the community have been very popular.  The first order sold out, but new signs are available now.  If you are interested in buying one, email and we will provide you with contact info.  If you live on an intersection, please reach out and we will be sure to get a sign to you.

Odds and Ends

Another letter asking for a delay​

Sue Dibble is trying to protect people in HER district from a much smaller project.  Why not us?

County employees talking about their "vested interest" in this project.


Why does the Board drop everything to meet with Wegmans, but avoids engaging with citizens?


Good companies find suitable locations for their Distribution Centers.  Wegmans doesn't care.  Wegmans could learn from Publix.


Someone formed an email prayer group. 

If you are interested in joining, you can send an email to and put subscribe in the subject.  We've been assured that this group was created to uplift the people in the community that are feeling the burden of this project.  That is all the info we have right now.

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