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F.O.I.A. Documents

F.O.I.A. refers to the "Freedom of Information Act".  A F.O.I.A. filing was made to unearth the communications that Hanover County employees had about this project.  The filing has turned up quite a bit of information that shows all sorts of concerning activity.  Most of the documents in the F.O.I.A. section have some accompanying explanation to go with it.  Check back as there will certainly be more added in the future.

The Great Deception

This is an excerpt of a letter received from a reader.  It shows an abridged timeline with the events that have brought everyone to the current situation we are in. It is an important read and it illustrates how quick county employees were to sacrifice citizen protections.   

The Little Deception (a companion piece to the work above)

This was a write up by a contributor on one of the facebook groups.  We've attemped to add formatting and links to make the document easier to read, but you can find the original here.  This write-up shows attempts to control perception of the project, at the expense of public equitable input.

Does Hanover Care? 

So the question here is, "Does Hanover care about what the people want, or do they just need to make it LOOK like this is what the people want?"   Here is a letter from Linwood Thomas, the Director of Hanover County Economic Development, asking to gather supporters to write letters in favor of the project.  It seems like the County works for Wegmans, not Hanover County.  Not exactly listening to the citizens, is it?

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