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On April 4, 2020, Hanover County voted to hold a public hearing on May 6, 2020 (while the pandemic will still be in full effect) to consider a proposal to rezone land next to several large neighborhoods.  At the same time, our hard working medical community and the Virginia State Government have indicated that all non-emergency government business should be deferred to allow citizens to practice social distancing and flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Please take ten seconds to help (that's all it will take).  Simply click the text above to remind Elected Officials in Hanover that we have healthcare employees that are working extremely hard (and risking their own health).  These workers shouldn't be put in further danger, because citizens in the County are being forced to decide between standing up for their community and following medical guidance. 

Nurse And Patient

On February 6, 2020, an estimated crowd of 800 people attended Wegmans' informational hearing despite dangerous weather. They announced plans to build a distribution center that required substantial changes to zoning restrictions, that would have negative inpacts on County residents and would set a dangerous precedent for future development.  If the County holds another gathering this large, it could have disastrous effects on the healthcare system in Hanover County.  Thank you for taking the time to help protect the heroes that are serving us!  If you know other people that would help, please share this link with them by email or social media!

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Email Template


Dear Hanover County Board Members,

I took notice of your vote on April 8, 2020, to hold a public hearing on May 6, 2020.  I ask that you vote again to DEFER the planned public hearing until after the Governor of Virginia's "Stay at Home Order" expires on June 10, 2020.  It is irresponsible to hold a contested public hearing that would endanger the health of so many Virginians, before then.  Any attendees who are exposed to COVID-19 might hamper the heroic efforts being made by healthcare workers to contain the novel coronavirus. 


At a time when medical professionals are forced to create their own makeshift face masks, and citizens are afraid to go to the grocery store for essential goods, it is fundamentally unfair to risk spreading such a serious disease merely to hold a meeting about property rezoning.  I have already noted the questionable decision by Aubrey Stanley, Sean Davis, Susan Dibble, Michael Herzberg, and Canova Peterson; who voted to proceed with a large public hearing during a pandemic. 

When you do hold a vote on this issue, know that I stand with thousands of other Hanover County residents and ask that you maintain the zoning proffers established in 1995, to protect their safety, property values, and way of life.   


I conclude by asking that the Board reconsider and DEFER the Wegmans public hearing scheduled for May 6, 2020, until after June 10, 2020.


-Thank You

"Thank You"

Hospital Staff
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