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July 2020

Deadline for DEQ Comments - Tuesday, August 4th

The deadline for written DEQ comments is fast approaching.  Please join the many people that have already submitted letters to DEQ stating why they oppose this project.  Some possible reasons could include (but are not limited to):


  • Improper methods were used to identify wetlands

  • The wetlands delineation was performed during a drought

  • Environment Justice issues have been ignored

Written comments should:

  • Be addressed to:;; and

  • Include the name, mailing address and telephone number of the person commenting and all of the people represented by the citizen.

  • Have a brief, informal statement on how the proposal affects the citizen. If you already sent your letter without this information, you can just send them a follow up message to add it.  If you haven't sent your letter and need some help, take note of the meeting below where people can assist!


Sunday, August 2nd at 7:00 PM - Community Virtual Meeting

Our last virtual meeting was so successful, Protect Hanover leadership plans to host another Zoom discussion.  The purpose is to provide updates from the DEQ hearing and provide support to those that still wish to provide written feedback. When the meeting is about to begin, choose either the Web or Phone option below to attend:

Method 1 - Web Login:


Method 2 - Phone-In:

Dial:   1 (929)-205-6099 

Meeting ID:    810  3366  7426

Lets Talk About the EVIDENCE

If you can't attend the virtual meeting, check out the PDF above outlining some of the problems with this project.  This information is intended to help you understand WHY the Wegmans permit should be denied.  There are many other issues and this is by no means exhaustive. 


Download the PDF file above where we've prepared a fantastic summary of the problems with the Wetlands Delineation performed on the proposed site.  It also has emails (obtained through "Freedom of Information Act" requests) that indicate people were actively trying to lower the amount of wetlands that they would report, compared to what the initial findings indicated. After you read through it, please bring your questions to our community meeting on Sunday evening and there will be several experts there to provide some answers.

You can also listen to what other people said at the "public" hearing at the link below:

Show your support with T-shirts!


We've created t-shirts!  Proceeds from sales will go towards the litigation to protect the Hanover Wetlands on the proposed Wegmans Distribution Center site. By wearing these shirts we can draw even more attention to the cause and protect the vital wetlands we still have in Hanover.

$24 per shirt

$45 for two


Youth sizes S-XL

Adult sizes S-5X (small up-charge for 2X-5X sizes)


Send an email to with the color, size and quantity for your order.


Payment will be due before your order is finalized and payment instructions will be sent after your order is placed.  Online payments can be made at:

Environmental Justice in the News!

Stack of Newspapers

One of the many problems with this project revolves around the issue of environmental justice.  The EPA defines environmental justice as "The fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income, with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies".  

There have been several well written stories covering this angle and the coverage is beginning to reach the national level!  To read some of these stories, check out the links below:

Virginia Residents Worry for Black Community's Future


Opposition Voices Prevalent at DEQ Hearing

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