Letters to the Editor: What are Butler Style Buildings

Updated: Mar 7

I heard someone say that Wegmans wants to build a butler building, but that those aren't allowed. Can you explain this to me? - Vanessa Excellent question. The 1995 proffers (p.6) state " No butler-type building shall be built on the property." So what is a "butler-type" building? The name Butler actually refers to Butler Manufacturing, a company that popularized the steel construction design touting the low costs and speed of construction. Below are some examples of Butler Buildings:

For more photos, go to Butler Manufacture's website and check out their gallery here. Now that we've covered what a butler building is, let's talk about why the proffers disallowed Butler-style construction at the site where Wegmans proposes to build their distribution center. If you've read our FAQ, you already know that the proffers were put in place to protect residents from large, unattractive buildings. The permissible materials would result in construction that looks more like these buildings already located nearby:

The final question to consider is whether the proposed project is a Butler-style building. Compare the images presented above to the images from the proposal (below) and decide for yourself.

What remains to be seen is whether the Board of Supervisors will honor the protections that residents have been relying on for all these years or will they handover our rights to Wegmans' design team.


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